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EKP Certification Apps due March 23, 2011

To all Past & Present Self Defense Students

Educational Karate Program (EKP) Certification
Application deadline is Wednesday, March 23 , 2011 

See your teacher for an application  or 
Take a Pink Sheet (information sheet) and a White Application off the office door of
Colleen Buchanan
E310 Park Center 
Pick one up from the front Dance Studio

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  • EKP doesn't "expire" once they get certified here.  The certification will go into a "holding phase".  When they get a teaching job, they will contact Master Ochiai at the headquarters in Vestal to "activate" the certification.
  • Once they are certified by attending the April program, all students are invited and encouraged to attend EKP Certification night every April until the they graduate for a "refresher".  There is no cost to the student, just their time.  They will however, need to submit and application (no money) so that we can notify headquarters that a student will be taking the refresher at no charge. 
  • Once they get the JOB, they will be required to keep the certification active to teach in the public schools.  Headquarters will have contact with the teacher at their school, and keep them up to date.
  • Our "competitors" don't offer this course, so this is an investment (of $90 and three hours of their time) to make themselves more marketable.  Right now a school district in Binghamton is only looking at Cortland grads who are EKP certified.  It is very costly for a school district to pay for a teacher/district to become certified.
  • Deadline for applications is Wednesday, March 23, 2011 .
  • EKP night is Friday, April 29 , 2011 .
 Don't wait until the last minute to put this application together.  I will take a couple of days to compile all the necessary items.

Colleen Buchanan

SUNY Cortland
Physical Education Department
E310 Park Center
Cortland, NY  13045
(607) 753-5538

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