Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gary Babjack Receives Excellence in Professional Service Award

Congratulations to Gary Babjck for receiving the Excellence in Professional Service Awards -
Excellence in Innovation within Profession. This award is in recognition of Gary's constant strive to making things better and to help different groups here at Cortland.
Gary has taken the lead in developing new initiatives from synthesizing and utilizing technology in the classroom to developing a web-assisted master’s degree program in Physical Education at SUNY Cortland. He “catalyzed technology applications,” including Dartfish technology, XOS (a state-of-the-art digital team analysis system), and a mobile tablet computer lab to provide training to physical educators and students in utilization of cutting edge technologies. Through Gary’s diligent efforts and close work with Academic Computing, all student-athlete program evaluations are now done using WEBCT. He was instrumental in securing the hardware necessary to have a digital analysis system in place for coaches to utilize in assessing individual and team performance. As a Dartfish Master trainer, he attends practices daily to assist coaches in learning to use Dartfish and XOS to enhance team and individual performance. Our state-of-the-art camera systems for Corey Gymnasium were the result of his being instrumental in partnership discussions with Panasonic. He co-wrote and received a grant for instituting computer assessment in pedagogy classes. In addition to teaching, advising and volunteer activities, Gary coached our 2007-08 Gymnastics team to a third place finish and coordinated the 2008 USGA National Gymnastics Championships held at SUNY Cortland this spring. His technology innovations have resulted in improved processes and effectiveness for all connected with our Physical Education Programs and Team Sports. (Via Cortland)
Please leave a comment for him, stop by his office, or send him an e-mail (babjackb@cortland.edu) to congratulate him.

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